Lee Marriott

Stover, Missouri

Managing 500 Balancer cows is enough to keep anyone busy. Add in backgrounding 300+ yearlings, and it’s easy to see how Lee Marriott is strapped for time. He tried Performance Beef despite some initial skepticism and gained more time for cattle and family.


Sam Schwartz and Pat Reisinger

Waterville, Iowa

A passion to feed the world. That’s what motivates Pat Reisinger, whether he’s milking cows, in the pig barn or in the field. Technology is a big part of the diverse operation’s success. Pat and herdsman Sam Schwartz rely on Performance Beef™ to precisely manage dairy rations.


Jill Weber Vanderwal

Southwest Minnesota

Improving communication and daily workflow is easier said than done. Jill Weber Vanderwal and her husband achieved that and more on their fourth-generation farm with help from technology.