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New Closeout Reports: Closeout Filters, Combined Closeouts, New Calculations and more!

Performance Livestock Analytics has released new updates to their closeout reports. This update will allow producers to customize how reports are calculated and displayed regarding either “Deads-In” or “Deads-Out”. The update also incorporates additional features like closeout report filters and combined closeouts. These new reports are designed to be customizable to each producer’s operation.

The first and most noticeable feature is the closeout report filters. These filters will allow producers to assess the performance of their cattle with deeper, more granular data. 
When “Whole Group” is selected, the system will run the closeout report to calculate the entire group’s performance, including those currently on feed and those that have been sold.
When “On Feed” is selected, it will run the report for the cattle that are left on feed, excluding the cattle that have been sold.  
When “Sold” is selected, it will run the report based only on the performance of the cattle that have been sold out of the group.
To adjust the closeout, simply click on the filter you wish to view your report with.

Next, Performance Beef now has the ability to run combined closeouts. Producers will be able to select multiple groups to combine all of their financial and performance data into one report.  This added functionality will allow you to benchmark your cattle from year to year, compare cattle from one sale barn to another, compare heifers to steers and more. ​This feature will not require any setting changes. Make sure you have “Closeout A” or “Closeout B” selected in the first drop-down in the upper left-hand corner. Next, click the middle drop-down, scroll to the bottom and select combined closeout. Once you have combined closeout selected you can filter by dates and groups. 

The next two features, closeout report visibility and calculation considerations, will be adjusted through the account settings. Click the three horizontal bars in the upper right corner to access account settings and scroll down to report settings. Here you will see the addition of “Closeout Report Visibility Settings”. This setting will allow producers to toggle how and what information is displayed on each closeout based upon individual operation needs.

The first section will allow producers to select what information is displayed on the closeout reports. To display specific data or “endpoints”, make sure the box next to the endpoint is checked. To hide an endpoint from the report, uncheck the box.

The second section will allow producers to select how information is calculated/displayed on the closeout reports in regards to “Deads-In” and “Deads-Out”.

Calculations with “Deads-In” will include the value of feeding costs, delivery costs and animal health costs, etc., associated to all animals, including those costs or feed associated with cattle deaths.

Calculations with “Deads-Out” will be the contrary, calculating all feed, delivery and additional costs to only those cattle still alive, excluding any costs or feed associated with cattle deaths.

Producers can choose to display “Deads-In”,  “Deads-Out”  or both for each calculation.

Note** Until these preferences are determined, the system will use the default calculations.

If you have questions regarding any features of these new closeout reports please reach out to the Performance Livestock Analytics team at 515-337-2187 or at