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Why Do Custom Feeders Use Performance Beef?

Simplified billing is the top reason custom feeders rely on Performance Beef. 

The user-friendly platform has simplified billing for hundreds of custom feeders. It’s never been easier to generate accurate, professional invoices.  

Performance Beef allows users to accurately track all costs, including feed, medical supplies, yardage and interest. It’s easy to create a clean, professional invoice by owner, per group or the whole farm. 

No more juggling paperwork, double-entry of data or spending hours on billing every month. All of the information is easily tracked in Performance Beef. You’re also able to share access with customers, if you’d like. 

“The ease of billing and less time wasted with Performance Beef is huge.” – Doug Schmitt, Kansas 

Watch this 2-minute video to see how to create invoices with Performance Beef.  

Real-time closeouts are also easy to generate with Performance Beef. Users have immediate access to accurate data from anywhere. The real-time, accurate closeout reports enable producers to better plan and make data-driven decisions to help boost efficiency and profitability.

Watch this live demo on generating real-time closeout reports. 

Tired of spending hours on billing or closeouts every month? Turn hours into minutes with Performance Beef. Get a demo today