Software Update: Yardage per Pen, per Group Now Available

Yardage is an important component of cost of production and varies by operation. The newest Performance Beef feature helps users easily track and charge yardage per pen, per group or both. Use the new feature to track non-feed costs on a per pen or per group basis for more accurate reports based on your operation. 

The feature allows you to apply different yardage rates based on your needs, such as old versus new pens, custom versus owned cattle, or pasture versus feedlot pens. Whether you are a custom feeder or farmer feeder, this option will automatically track yardage changes during critical times like moving cattle from pen to pen or out to pasture.

Yardage per pen, per group provides operational flexibility and makes accurate accounting simple by showing your customers exactly what they need to know. With the additional yardage per pen feature, you can now customize yardage information on your closeout and invoice reports. 

All users now have access to yardage per pen, per group in their account settings. Many functionality changes will occur in your account when yardage per pen is activated. For help setting up your new yardage rates, contact the Performance Beef support team at 515-337-2187 or email

Read this how-to article for a detailed overview of the new yardage per pen, per group feature.