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Software Update: Rations Based on Dry Matter

Performance Livestock Analytics is excited to release an update to the Performance Beef software. This update will allow you the ability to build rations in dry matter percentages and maintain targets by dry matter.

To enable these functions in your Performance Beef you will need to change a few settings in your account settings. To access your account settings click the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner and scroll down to “Overview Settings”. There are new settings added to this section; “Target Delivery” and “Maintain Target”.  Underneath the overview settings is also a new section, “Ration Settings” with “Ration Page Display” and “Maintain Ration Percentage”.

​Overview Settings:
“Target Delivery
This setting will toggle between “As Fed Only (default)” and “DMI/Day and As Fed”. When the “As Fed Only (default)” is selected it will be the view you are used to seeing in your Performance Beef account. The “As Fed Only (default)” currently allows you to set your as fed deliveries or your total target feed amounts for each pen, and each feeding.

The new setting, “DMI/Day and As Fed”, allows you to set target feed amounts based on your daily dry matter intakes. This setting will generate a white box to appear on the right-hand side of the screen where these values can be set. The system will allocate the as fed weights based off of the current deliveries percentages.

Target Delivery Setting: “DMI/Day and As Fed”
“Maintain Target”
Next, under the “Overview Settings” you will see a “Maintain Target” setting which will toggle between “Maintain As Fed (default)” and “Maintain DMI”. The way the system works currently is as the settings “Maintain As Fed (default)”, meaning when you switch rations from the overview or delivery pages the targets for those as fed delivery weights would remain the same.

Once the setting is switched from “Maintain As Fed (default)” to “Maintain DMI”  the system will maintain that designated dry matter intake and adjust as fed weights to fit that target. This works if you change rations from the overview or delivery page it will maintain the set dry matter for that pen. This dry matter will also be maintained during any head movements to or from the pens. 

​Ration Settings

“Ration Page Display”
Under this setting you will see “As Fed Percentage (default)”, “Dry Matter Percentage”, and “As Fed and Dry Matter”.
The way your Performance Beef account is currently set up, rations are viewed with the as fed percentage. These setting options give you the ability to choose whether you view just the as fed percentages, just the dry matter percentages or both; as fed and dry matter percentages.
Ration Page Display Setting: “As fed and Dry Matter”
Regardless of any of the settings you will still be able to build the rations in either as fed or dry matter basis. When adding or editing a ration simply toggle the gray box in the upper right-hand corner to switch to dry matter or as fed basis. Note that both will still need to equal 100% to save the ration.​​
“Maintain Ration %”
Previously this setting worked when feed ingredients dry matter were updated, the ration would update their percentage based on the as fed percentage. Now, since rations have the ability to be built in dry matter percentages, you have the option to select which value remain the same when you updated a feed ingredient dry matter percentage; as fed or dry matter percentage.

If you have any questions about this new update or would like assistance getting them switched over in your Performance Beef account give the support line a call at 515-337-2187