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Software Update: New Analytic Charts

Performance Livestock Analytics has released new analytics updates within Performance Beef. The enhancements provide more granular performance data to each producer, as well as increase real-time data analytics for nutritionists who are providing management suggestions to beef producers through the Performance Beef platform.

“Daily intake of net energy of maintenance per head, when combined with dry matter as a percent of body weight allows customers to evaluate ration consistency over the feeding period,” explains Justin Sexten, Ph.D., vice president of strategy, Performance Livestock Analytics. “While the amount of feed delivered may not change from day to day, this new tool allows a quick evaluation of ingredient mixing.”
The update includes three new charts: “Amount As Fed & Dry Matter (per Body Weight)”, “As Fed & Dry Matter (per LB Gain)”, and “NEm (per Head)”.

To access this new data:

  1. Select the “Analytics” tab within Performance Beef.
  2. Once you have selected a group of cattle, the options for “Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Body Weight)”, “Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Lb of Gain)” and “NEm (per Head)” will be available to select.

When selecting “Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Body Weight)”:

  1. The displayed graph shows the amount fed as a percent of the per head body weight. This will be displayed on a dry matter and as fed basis.
  2. Optional attributes include: Target per Body Weight percentage and Target Dry per Body Weight percentage.

When selecting “Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Lb of Gain)”:  

    1. The displayed graph shows the fed amounts required to achieve one pound of gain.
    2. Dry matter and As Fed values are shown in the graph along with To-Date As Fed/Gain and To-Date Dry Matter/Gain values. These two charts allow producers to track target amounts versus actual fed amounts in a new way.
    3. Like all of the other charts within “Analytics”, producers have the option to export any new charts as a CSV file.​​

For producers using a growth model, there is a net energy for maintenance (NEm) per head chart. If you’re not currently using a growth model, contact us to learn how to get access to a growth model. The growth model helps you predict and see daily performance to make more informed decisions.
When selecting “NEm (Per Head)”:

  1. Producers can view the NEm value per head for actual fed amounts and the Target NEm per Head.
  2. This provides more visibility on how the cattle are maintaining their weight and helps producers better analyze how efficiently each group of cattle is gaining weight.

The NEm chart will be available per pen, while Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Lb of Gain), and Dry Matter & As Fed (Per Body Weight) will be available per group.

Dry Matter per pound gain analytic graph

Dry Matter & As Fed (per LB Gain)

Dry Matter and as fed on a percentage of body weight chart

Dry Matter & As Fed (per Body Weight)
If you have questions regarding these new charts within the “Analytics” tab, please reach out to the Performance Livestock Analytics team at 515-337-2187 or at