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Software Update: Feed Batch Update

Performance Livestock Analytics has released a new update to their Performance Beef app. Our new Feed Batch Update is designed to increase the efficiency of feeders by loading and delivering feed to the max capacity of their TMR mixer or feed wagon. This functionality will allow producers to maximize each load of feed, but never leaving with a wagon half full. With increased flexibility of the feed delivery process producers can spend less time building loads and more time more time managing their cattle.

Full Batch eliminates any need to build loads in advance. Producers can now simply open the app, set their max load for the wagon and start loading feed. Simplifying the load change, when ration targets increase or ration changes are needed for individual pens. This allows the mid to large size feedlot to run as efficiently as possible.

Full Batch Load Scale App Screen

Full Batch Scale App Screen Overview is organized by the overall ration weight needing fed.

Full Batch Load Scale App Screen

The program will automatically select the most efficient pen selection based off the “Max Load”, but maintains the ability to select which ever pens necessary.
This update restructures the Scale App page functions. Because of this shift, we ask that current producers interested in trying this new feeding feature reach out to the Performance Beef Success Team to ensure complete understanding of the update.

Reach out to the Performance Beef Customer Success Team below for a demo or learn more information at 515-337-2187 or

Interested in a Full Batch demo? Let us know and we will be in touch soon!