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Real Value of Farm Management with Performance Livestock Analytics

Performance Livestock Analytics is excited to announce the new farm management platform specifically tailored for livestock producers. The animal feeding business is a capital intense business that carries a lot of market volatility and consumer demand adaptability. When we look at providing livestock producers a farm management platform to achieve better profitability and sustainability, we have focused on the following four solutions.

1. Data Management Enables Better Decisions
Better use of data allows farms to operate more profitably.  Once a farmer on boards data into PLA they then able to measure the cost and affects of their everyday decisions. PLA ensures livestock producers are able to manage all financial, operational, and performance data. Capturing and managing this data creates valuable assets to empower better operational decisions.

2. Turning Data Into Answers
If you have ever heard of “coffee shop talk” you will know farmers are eager to understand what other farmers are doing. They also are always looking for clues on what they can do better.  The benchmarking component of PLA is comprised of performance data from the most progressive cattle producers from across the country. Imagine being able to compare management practices and business decisions against top producers that yield higher results.  

3. Why Manage Cattle In The Cloud
Today, the majority of cattle management tools are generally offline or windows based. Data management in a cloud simply offers a set of functionalities that are not accessible offline. Not only does a cloud base system enable powerful real time insights, but it also connects the all of the trusted advisors to the farm with real-time information. Thus, the capabilities of connecting a professional interface to your nutritionist, risk management advisors, feedlot managers, have proven to save significant time and enables better business management. 

4. Data Management is Risk Management
Real-time data management and data analysis provides the decision maker live insights exposing total cost, performance, and profit opportunities. The platform allows you to know your bottom line at any given moment. Part of making smart profitable decisions is knowing the underlying costs and data. The live Cattle Krush tool takes current cost of gain and breakeven data and provides live alerts on profit opportunities. This capability only exists when you have a data management operating system online.