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PLA New Hire Announcement – VP of Strategy

Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA), an industry leader in agriculture software, is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Sexten as Vice President of Strategy. Justin is responsible for executing on the company’s strategic initiatives. This hire will enable PLA to explore new business opportunities in addition to their flagship product Performance BeefTM

“As the beef supply chain becomes more digitized, PLA has the opportunity to serve a new era of traceability, sustainability, and food safety that is technology enabled,” said Dane Kuper, CEO of PLA “The company is experiencing exciting growth and we are especially excited for Justin to join the leadership team as we enter this next growth phase.”

Sexten joins PLA with over 20 years of beef industry experience. Sexten brings cow-calf, stocker and feedlot segment knowledge and understanding to the PLA team from his graduate training at the University of Illinois to his research and extension program at the University of Missouri. Most recently as Director Of Supply Development with Certified Angus Beef, Sexten offers a perspective across the entire supply chain from ranch to end-user.

“I look forward to exploring business and data opportunities for the PLA community” said Sexten. “It’s an exciting opportunity to join a company leading the way in real-time data-based decision tools that empowers producers to improve profitability while addressing growing consumer demands”

Performance Beef is the leading business operating system in the livestock industry, a software subscription service that helps livestock producers automatically capture feed and veterinary information, essential to maximizing profitability. Performance Beef provides simple, easy-to-use software apps that allow livestock producers to manage all financial, operational, and performance data relative to their cattle operations.

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