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Performance Livestock Analytics Surpasses 2 Million Cattle Fed Daily

Performance Livestock Analytics continues to see fast growth and unmatched customer retention across the United States and Canada, despite difficult cattle markets and industry uncertainty. Today, more than 1400 livestock producers rely on the Performance Beef platform to feed over 2 million head of cattle daily, which corresponds to nearly 14 percent of the total number of cattle on feed in the United States. The cloud-based technology not only makes daily feeding easier, it also provides the data and analytics producers need for better decisions.

“We’re seeing record growth and adoption of Performance Beef this fall. With tight markets and margins, every decision matters,” says Justin Sexten, vice president of strategy, Performance Livestock Analytics. “Performance Beef is an intelligence center for our customers, replacing guesswork with real-time, actionable data and analytics. This gives our customers the edge and helps them make more informed decisions every day.”

On-farm data is plentiful and most valuable when aggregated to make better decisions. Daily handwritten notes or manual data entry slow a producer’s ability to make real-time decisions. Performance Beef has introduced simplicity to the feedlot workflow by providing an automated, user-friendly way for customers and their trusted advisors to evaluate key nutrition, performance, and financial metrics.

The subscription-based platform automates everything from feeding to financials; helping producers better manage their operation. With Performance Beef producers are able to:

  • Eliminate batch sheets, automate feed delivery
  • Generate real-time, accurate closeouts
  • Analyze trends in feed efficiencies, costs, and performance
  • Track and manage inventory to optimize purchase decisions
  • Create invoices and reports to track financials and performance

“Everything is getting more complicated in the cattle industry. Performance Beef is the one tool that is simplifying things for us,” says Jill Weber VanderWal, owner of Four Corners Farm. “Just working hard isn’t enough. You have to work smarter.”

Since launching in 2017, Performance Beef users have fed more than 25 billion pounds of feed and managed more than 3.2 million total head through the cloud-based platform. The unmatched growth is fueled by customer word of mouth and strategic industry partnerships, including the most recent partnerships with Trouw Nutrition Canada and Hubbard Feeds signed in October.