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Performance Livestock Analytics Revolutionizing Livestock Management using Machine Learning

As global income and education levels increase, the demand for protein-based food grows. This demand for animal products puts a strain on traditional, mixed-farming practices and conventional decision making, adding risk to the ability to meet future animal protein production requirements. Livestock producers must continue to adapt and use resources to improve efficiency and profitability.

Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA) is helping producers better predict animal growth and capture maximum value using machine learning. The company’s newest patent, Adaptive Livestock Growth Modeling Using Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Growth and Recommend Livestock Management Operations and Activities, provides predictive technology with machine learning to PLA’s flagship product, Performance Beef™, to better forecast cattle growth, animal health and financials. The new intellectual property uses artificial intelligence, including machine-learning technology, to automatically access and learn from generated data without additional programming.

“With machine learning capabilities, our enhanced predictive growth models provide a smarter, more adaptive decision-making tool, enabling faster marketing decisions,” says Justin Sexten, vice president of strategy, Performance Livestock Analytics.

Performance Beef is the leading business operating platform in the livestock industry, providing data-driven solutions for the entire livestock production ecosystem. The cloud-based, subscription platform helps producers automatically capture feed and veterinary information, and now helps better predict future operational and financial outcomes. The real-time information is essential to maximizing efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

“Our real-time data and analytics help producers, nutritionists and consultants analyze and optimize necessary nutrition, health and financial information,” says Sexten. “We’ll continue to innovate and help provide increased transparency and traceability in the industry.”

Newly patented predictive growth modeling uses machine learning to help the Performance Beef platform better forecast cattle growth, animal health and financials.