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Performance Livestock Analytics Provides Real-Time Profit Insights To The Cattle Feeding Industry

Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA) announces Cattle Krush, a profit management solution for the cattle industry. Cattle Krush is a revolutionary product that brings real-time market insights to cattlemen, commodity advisors, and other cattle industry stakeholders.  This software is accessible on any mobile, laptop, or desktop device. PLA introduces a pioneering way of tracking market trends to establish profit opportunities.  Cattle Krush will revolutionize the way producers make decisions such as buying, selling, and marketing at the right time, throughout the year.

“Optimal cattle performance helps us get down the road to profitability, but the vast majority of cattle feeding profitability is dependent on the business management decisions of buying, selling, and marketing of the cattle.  Cattle Krush helps my operation towards a profit.”  said Dallas Kuper, feedlot producer in northern Iowa.  “Feedlot losses have mounted in recent months and margins are as low as the industry has ever experienced. Managing volatility and profit is a daunting task and cattle producers need every tool available to achieve success. Cattle Krush provides tools to help producers become more profitable with this data driven, easy to use, software solution.”

Cattle Krush Advisory solutions include:

Krush automatically calculates a profit analysis for cattle producers on cattle feeding returns. The product pulls real-time commodity information and calculates the profit Krush analytics using live cattle, feeder cattle, and corn prices. Krush directly exposes the bottom line profit scenario given current commodity prices.

Auction Advisor
Auction Advisor uses an intuitive interface for cattlemen at the auction house. The tool automatically pulls in commodity markets and exposes the breakeven price and the crush profit as the price rises with every bid. Auction Advisor takes the bias out of the auction house and exposes the best opportunity to capitalize on profitable cattle.

History Advisor
The history advisor allows a user to view and analyze daily historical crush spreads up to 60 years of data. This historical analysis helps users understand what the historical crush has done to better decide on how to set personal crush profit objectives.

My Lots
My Lots allow users to input cattle that have already been purchased and track the crush profit opportunity. With the input data of cattle cost and weights, the program is able to calculate cost of gain and finish date to output a real-time profit crush analysis to ensure users the clear insights needed when to make risk management decisions.

Cattle Krush is available for $15/month and provides access to Krush, Auction Advisor, and Historic Advisors. CattleKrush Pro provides real-time alerting of profit opportunities and more feedlot capacity for $30/month. Enterprise pricing, set at $75 per month, per user, brings scalable analytics unlimited lot storage and tracking to your livestock enterprise.

Availability and More Information
For more information or to purchase the CattleKrush app, please visit  CattleKrush is a product of Performance Livestock Analytics Inc., a provider of livestock analytics software management solutions.  Performance Livestock Analytics aims to help livestock producers to become more sustainable and profitable through the power of big data and software analytics.