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Performance Beef: Cattle Management Software

Easy-to-use technology to simplify feeding, performance and health data records

Simplify with Performance Beef

Performance Beef simplifies feed, performance and health data collection — without double data entry or complicated software. The comprehensive technology solution makes it easy to generate real-time closeout reports, create accurate invoices, monitor animal health, and analyze trends in feed intake, costs and performance – all in one place.

Whether you background or finish cattle, Performance Beef connects the entire operation and provides access to information from anywhere at any time.
Performance Beef iPad Analytics Chart Data

It's a complete technology solution integrating your feed, financial and health information in one platform, accessible from your iPhone, iPad or desktop computer.


Eliminate double data entry or complicated programs. It is easy to generate real-time closeout reports, create accurate invoices and monitor performance.


Start getting the most out of every decision. Access real-time cattle data and analytics to better manage feed intake, costs and performance – all in one place.


Manual processes cost you time. With the easy-to-use, cloud-based platform, you have immediate, 24/7 access to your data and information from anywhere.

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Try our digital demo to see how Performance Beef helps simplify inventory, daily feed records, closeout reports, invoices, and health data while providing easy-to-use analytics.

From Data to Decisions

We’ve created a user-friendly platform to simplify and automate data collection. With data and analytics at your fingertips, you can spend less time on manual tasks and make more data-driven decisions for your business.

Automate Feed Delivery

Track every pound of feed loaded and delivered with your iPad or iPhone and the POINT scale indicator. Bonus: Share account access to allow anyone to easily feed and you can monitor from anywhere.

Organize Inputs

Easily track and manage inventory in a comprehensive log to optimize purchase decisions. You’ll never lose track of your costs or feed information again.

Generate Real-Time Closeouts

Generate real-time, accurate closeout reports with a couple clicks for better planning and data-driven decision making.

Uncover Insights

Monitor data and analytics with easy-to-create charts and graphs, closeout reports, progress reports, and invoices.

Simplify Health Data Management

Easily record processing and health data with Performance Beef. Input data manually or streamline with an additional POINT scale indicator on the chute, electronic ear tags and a reader. The health data is combined with feed and financial data in one easy-to-use platform, accessible from anywhere.

Animal Health - Performance Beef


Record important health and management data while at the chute, including weight, costs and processing details. Quickly log pasture and pen treatments on the go from your iPhone. All data is easily accessible at any time.

Performance Beef Health Session Summary


View a session summary following a processing event for a quick overview of performance, costs and treatments. The easy-to-use interface allows editing any time after the session

Performance Beef Health Processing Report


Access detailed, interactive summary reports to quickly sort outliers. Use the export feature to share performance and cost data from the report.

Performance Beef Health Dashboard


Use the real-time health dashboard for group-level summary of health metrics including treatments, death loss and safe-to-ship status.

Simplify Health Data Management

See how Performance Beef makes it easy to capture health data in real time at the chute or record data in the pen or out in the pasture.

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Getting Started with Performance Beef

Your success matters to us. We have a streamlined process to answer your questions
and get you successfully started on Performance Beef.

Customer getting started with Performance beef

    We’ll show you key features and how Performance Beef can save you time and help boost efficiency for your business.

  • Order Hardware

    Our platform uses Bluetooth technology to sync with a POINT® scale indicator to gather feed data. Record animal health data manually (included) or sync animal ID and weight with an additional POINT scale indicator on the chute, electronic ear tags and a reader.

  • Schedule Set-Up

    The setup is a quick two-part process. You’ll meet with our team to build your account followed by hardware setup. Additional training will be provided to EID users.

  • Start Feeding With Success

    There’s a reason we have a high customer retention rate: Our customer success team is dedicated to helping you, ensuring you’re set for success from day 1.

Performance Beef Customer Reviews

See how Performance Beef is helping cattle producers save time and boost efficiency on their operation with real-time data.

Innovative Solution, Cost-Effective Pricing

The monthly subscription fee is $195/month plus any any applicable taxes; exemptions may apply. This provides access to all available features and breaks down to roughly a penny a head per day for a 500-head operation.The platform requires an iPad or iPhone and syncs with the latest scale and Bluetooth technology. Additional costs apply for EID tags and associated data management.



Per Month

  • Daily feed
  • Health records
  • Financials
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Connect with Advisors

Let us help you save time and boost efficiency today.

Customer Success

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