Performance Beef: Cattle Management Software

Easy-to-use technology to simplify feeding to financial data capture on your feedlot

Capture Every Pound, Every Dollar with Performance Beef

Save time and boost your profitability with the user-friendly Performance Beef platform. It’s more than a cattle app; it’s a complete technology platform to automate your operation, connect you to trusted advisors and help you make data-driven decisions.
Performance Beef iPad Analytics Chart Data

It starts working the minute you open it. All you need is an iPad or iPhone and Bluetooth scale device compatible with a majority of scale systems already used today.


Eliminate batch sheets, automate delivery. We’ve also made it easy to generate real-time closeout reports, create accurate invoices and benchmark performance.


Start getting the most out of every feeding. Access real-time cattle data and analytics to better manage feed efficiencies, costs and performance – all in one place.


Manual processes cost you time. With the industry’s leading cloud-based platform, you have immediate, 24/7 access to your feedlot information from anywhere.

See how Performance Beef can help your operation.

The industry’s only cloud-based technology platform is connecting the livestock industry and helping livestock producers save time and boost profitability.


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Every Feature You Need

We’ve created a user-friendly platform to simplify and automate your feedlot. With data and analytics at your fingertips, you can spend less time on manual tasks and make more data-driven decisions for your feedlot. 

Automate Feed Delivery

It’s easy to automatically track every pound of feed loaded and delivered with your iPad or iPhone and the Bluetooth scale device. Bonus: Anyone with access to your Performance Beef account can easily feed.

Monitor Performance

Get a quick view of daily feed, financial and performance information to keep a pulse on your operation and make the best decisions for your feedlot.

Organize Inputs

Easily track and manage inventory in a comprehensive log to optimize purchase decisions. You’ll never lose track of your costs or feed information again.

Generate Real-Time Closeouts

You have immediate access to accurate data from anywhere. Generate real-time, accurate closeout reports for better planning and data-driven decision making.

Uncover Insights

Monitor real-time data and analytics with easy-to-create charts and graphs, closeout reports, progress reports, and invoices.

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Benchmark Performance

Access a user-friendly solution to analyze and benchmark performance data from Elanco® Benchmark – the industry’s largest cattle database. It helps provide greater predictability and improved efficiency.

Getting Started with Performance Beef

Your success matters to us. We have a streamlined process to answer your questions and
get you successfully started on Performance Beef.

Customer getting started with Performance beef

    Start with a live demo webinar with our team. We’ll show you all the features and how Performance Beef can save you time and help boost profitability for your feedlot.

  • Order Hardware

    Our platform uses the latest scale and Bluetooth technology. Simply send a picture of your current scalehead to our sales team to get your order placed (

  • Schedule Set-Up

    The set-up is a quick two-part process. You’ll meet with our customer success team to build your account and with a growth manager to help set up hardware and answer any questions.

  • Start Feeding With Success

    There’s a reason we have a 99%+ customer retention rate. Our customer success team is the best in the industry. We’ll ensure you’re set for success from day 1.

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See how Performance Beef is helping cattle producers save time and boost profitability on their operation with real-time data.

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