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Performance Beef Software Update: “Distribute”

Performance Beef has released a new update to the Scale App that now includes a “Distribute” button for adjusting the feed totals. 

If you select “Distribute” it will take the weight in the wagon, and assume a perfect ration for the ration  currently selected, and distribute it among all the feed ingredients. 

This update is a solution for any errors made while loading, or any feed left in the wagon. This is also a great way to eliminate any hand calculations for those who load a full wagon at night dropping half that night and the other half in the morning.

To download the update to your iPad, go to the Apple App Store, in the lower left hand corner select the “Updates” tab. Here you should see the Performance Beef App and you simply need to select “Update” next to the Performance Beef App. Then, when you open up Performance Beef you will see the “Distribute” button to the right of select scale in the load screen. If your iPad has “Recalibrate” you can update you app this same way and it should change that button to say “Distribute”. Please note that whenever you are updating your app, you may need to log out and back in to ensure a full connection to the application. If you have any further questions about how the distribute button works, reach out to a Performance Beef specialist at 515-337-2187