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Performance Beef – New Product Release

Cattle feeders using Performance Beef are all feeding their cattle using a cellular iPad. With our software, producers have completely automated the data entry and record keeping when it comes to knowing exactly what is being loaded and fed to every single pen, every single time.

Performance Livestock Analytics announced the release of the iPhone Scale App at their conference in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. This iPhone app will allow producers to feed cattle using their iPhone. This app is not meant to replace the iPad, but in case of a lost or broken, or dead iPad. Our hope is that this will make feeding cattle with Performance Beef simple and easy under any circumstances. This is also only available for those who are using Apple iPhones. 

As you click into the “Scale App” from the upper left-hand corner of the screen, it will take you to the “Scale App”. Here all of your loads are displayed and you will simply slide to the right to view and select each load. Feeding will work in the exact same manner as it would from the iPad, but the layout is now formed for the smaller screen. The main scale you see on your screen will be counting down towards your target amount while your scale head weight will be shown in the smaller white box just beneath the “Zero” and “Distribute” buttons.

As you scroll up, you will see all of your feed ingredients, along with their target and actual load amounts. 

To get the new iPhone Scale App, simply go into the App store, on your iPhone and select the updates tab in the lower right-hand corner. The Performance Beef app should be an option to update, once you update the app, you should then have the scale app as part of your app.

Please note that anytime you update your app, you may need to log out and back in to ensure a full account connection. If you have any questions about this new iPhone Scale App release give the Performance Beef team a call at