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Midcon Feeders Optimize Feedlots Across Iowa with Performance Livestock Analytics

Midcon Feeders, LLC  signs with Performance Livestock Analytics Inc. to deploy Performance BeefTM software across all Midcon customer feedlots to help producers and nutritionists introduce time and cost savings by automating the capture of feed data.  PLA’s Performance Beef leverages real-time feed ration information to help Feedlot Operators and Producers manage all financial, operational, and performance data about their cattle operations.

“Midcon Feeders operates across more than twenty feedlots and for the first time, we have real-time performance and financial information for all our sites.”  said Jay Dekkers, Co-Owner of Midcon Feeders.  “With the Performance Beef bluetooth technology we no longer will have to manually enter feed data and we have access to more precise and up to date information.”

Performance Beef is the premier business operating system in the livestock industry.  The software subscriptions service helps livestock producers automate their feed process and eliminates data entry. Performance Beef unlocks decision analytics through simple, easy-to-use software apps and allows livestock producers to manage all financial, operational, and performance data about their cattle operation.

“Performance Beef aims to be the premier livestock operating system in the industry and gaining a customer such Midcon Feeders is a step in that direction.”  said PLA’s CEO Dane Kuper.   “At PLA, our team of farmers, computer and data scientists have developed a scalable, high-performance solution that combines the power of big data and analytics to optimize livestock management. Profitability for cattle feeders is about making the best and most precise decisions on your operation, our platform empowers producers by providing up to date performance and financial information on every pen of cattle on feed in a real-time manner by automating the data flow.”

Performance Livestock Analytics provides software subscription services to livestock producers, brokers, risk managers, nutritionists and animal nutrition companies. Performance BeefTM is a product of Performance Livestock Analytics Inc.

About Midcon Feeders
Midcon Feeders LLC is a Sioux Center, IA based organization.  Midcon Feeders opened its doors in 2010 and operates more than 20 feedlots across NW Iowa.

About Performance Livestock Analytics
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