Getting Started with Performance Beef

No matter the size of your operation, the best feeling is a feeling of total control. Are you ready to empower your entire operation, and make big data a small problem? Know how you can improve productivity, tracking every pound of feed and every dollar. We will walk you through several simple steps to revolutionize your operation.

Getting More Information
Our support team is here to get you started. If you haven’t worked with a Performance Beef specialist yet, nows the time. We will go over our software in great detail to get the feel if it’s going to work for your operation. Your Performance Beef specialist will cover basic operating procedures, what scales you may need to work with our system, any additional operating costs, and any other questions you may have.

                                          Contact our support line at (515) 337-2187

What Equipment do I Need?

  • Scale: Our program requires a Digi-Star scale, equipped with our proprietary bluetooth device. To ensure you have the proper equipment you can send up a picture of you scale head, from several angles: front, bottom (unplug wires to ensure port visibility), and back. If you have a Digi-Star scale, you should also send a picture of the manufacturing label with date (some older scales are not compatible). You can email these pictures to the Performance Beef specialist you’ve been working with or to


  • Cellular Apple iPad: You will need a CELLULAR Apple iPad to accurately capture data. When choosing an iPad it doesn’t need much storage, as our software runs in the Cloud. The iPad does need to be added onto your cellular plan. Each cellular iPad only uses an estimated 0.1 GB of data per month, so no need to upgrade your data plan. We recommend a regular Cellular iPad, 32G, no need to buy the Pro version of the iPad. (They may try to sell you those!)


  • Performance Beef Subscription: Your Performance Beef account will be specific for your operation, allowing you to keep all your data at your fingertips. The subscription has no setup fees. Your Performance Beef account can be billed monthly at $150 or yearly at 1,620 saving you 10%.

How much is this going to cost me?
​Each TMR will need a compatible scale with bluetooth device and a cellular iPad. Many producers will have an additional cellular iPad for the loader, so they don’t have to carry iPad back and forth. As well as a Performance Beef subscription.

Our specialist encourage a few additional materials such as a RAM mount, and an Otterbox for the iPad. The RAM mount allows the iPad to be displayed in your feed truck, while the Otterbox provides extra protection. Both are not sold by Performance Beef and can be purchased reasonably from

Scale Costs
Ready to order, now what?

Give the Performance Beef Support Team a call (515)-337-2187. Once a Performance Beef team member has received the pictures of your scales we will generate an official estimate. After getting the “green light” from the producer, an order will be placed and ship the equipment to you directly. This will take 3-4 days if you are in the continental US.

A Performance Beef specialist will be in contact with you to schedule either an on-farm or remote training/setup session.