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How To: Share Your Account

Connecting with your trusted advisors is critical when running a feedlot operation. Performance Beef enables you to keep in closer contact with those advisors, like your nutritionist. If you choose to share your account with a nutritionist, for example, they can go in and make updates to your rations, feed ingredients, and how much you are feeding. Eliminating batch sheets, trips to your farm and a delay. Performance Beef is a cloud-based system meaning as soon as a change is made it’s reflected throughout your entire account. By sharing your account you can grant someone as much or as little access as you wish.
Step One:
Go to “Account Settings” by s
electing the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner.​​​
Step Two:
In the first section of account settings, under “Share My Account” enter the email address(s) of those whom you wish to share your account with.
Step Three:
To the right of where you entered the email address, click in the drop-down tab and select how much access you want that person to have. 
Step Four: Create a password
Next, you will select the green “Add” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

This will bring up a box where you can enter a password for their account, or select “Default” to make their password, “password”.

They will log into Performance Beef using the email entered from the settings page, then use the password associated with that email when account access is given.

 What Can They See When I share My Account?
Now your account is shared with someone you trust. You can always make adjustments to the information they have access to, but selecting the drop down tab to the right of their email address in the settings page.

Selecting “Full Access (Editable)” gives that person access and the ability to edit everything in your account including your financials.

Selecting “Full Access (Read Only)”  gives them full access to view that account and not make any edits

Selecting “No financial (Editable)” enables that person access to your entire account, but will not allow them to see any financials throughout the entire program.

Selecting “No Financial (Read-Only)” gives them access to your account without being able to make any edits, or the ability to see and financials. 

Sharing access to your trusted advisors eliminates batch sheets, eliminates data entry from the producers side, and all happens in real time. Meaning if your nutritionist changes a ration in your account, all you need to do is refresh the page and that ration change will be reflected throughout your entire system. Of course, we understand you may not want all your information shared with those advisors or even farm hands, which is why you have the option to block out financial views to certain accounts.

If you have any questions about sharing your account give our support line a call at (515)-337-2187