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How To: Set Up Feed Inventory Notifications

Keeping track of exactly how much feed you are feeding, how much shrink you have is what Performance Beef excels at helping their producers manage.
A feed inventory alert sends you an email notification at a designated amount of your feed, letting you know you need to order more feed.
Step 1:
Go to the “Feed” tab on the left-hand side of the screen 
and select the feed ingredient you want to set an alert for.
Step 2:
Next, to the two grey sections, you will enter the “weight remaining” or how much you have left at this point in time. Then 
in “Inventory Alert” you will enter an amount at which you want to receive a notification you are low on that feed.
Step 3:
Click “Save” in the upper left-hand corner.

Then as you are loading and feeding each group of cattle it will pull from this inventory. As it reaches your designated weight, the system will automatically send a notification to you and anyone else you have subscribed to receive this alert. 

Sending Inventory Notifications to Additional People:

You can set up this alert to go to more than just the email address associated with your account.
Step 1:
Go to your “account settings”, by clicking the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner, and s
croll to the bottom of the page to “email setting”. Here you will see the “Delivery Report” and “Feed Inventory” settings.
Step 2:
Under “Feed Inventory” you will enter the email address of whomever else you wish the report to be sent to.
Step 3:
​Then select the time of day for the report will be sent out
Step 4:
Lastly, select the green “Add” tab on the left-hand side.
This allows you to keep a tight record of exactly how much you are feeding, how much shrink you’re experiencing, and helps alert the right people when you are running low on feed.

If you have any questions about your feed inventory alerts or another aspect of Performance Beef reach out to our support line at (515)-337-2187 to speak with a specialist directly.