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How To: Run Detailed Reports

Keeping your billing accurate and up to date on any feedlot operation is critical. Performance beef will generate invoices and closeout reports for you with just a couple clicks. We recently updated the system so you could have more detailed reports.  
Step One:
You make the change to get your system to run both reports. You will log into your account and go to your settings by selecting the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner.
Step Two:
Then scroll to the bottom of the page to “Report Layout” your account will be set up to run both default closeouts and invoices. Under both Closeout and invoice you will select “Default + Detailed Invoice/Closeout”. You have the option to select either one or the other if you only want either a detailed invoice or detailed closeout. 
Step Three:
Then go to the “Reports” page.
When you click on the first drop-down you will see the simple closeout as “Closeout A” detailed closeout as “Closeout B” same stands true for the invoices as well.

​If I select “Invoice B” you can see it brings up a much more detailed invoice.
Then adjust the date range at the top and select “Run Invoice”

Then when you are ready to print or save this invoice select the green “Print” or button in the upper right- hand corner. You will follow this same processes when printing closeout reports. Here you can either print the report or save as a PDF.

These invoices may be beneficial for you to run for your contractors or you may just like to see a greater breakdown of your costs. Either way, you should now know how to get your account to show you both detailed closeouts and invoices. If you have any questions about running invoices or closeouts call our support line at 515-337-2187 and talk to a Performance Beef Specialist.