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How To: Move Cattle in Performance Beef

Knowing where your cattle are and have been is critical on a feedlot operation. Tracking inventory, and detailed overview pages, allowing you to see when and what pens your cattle have been in. Below we’ve laid out step by step instructions for moving cattle in Performance Beef.
Step One: 
Select the “Overview” page Then click “+/- Head” in the upper right-hand corner

Moving Cattle in Performance Beef

Then Select “Moved”
Step 2:
Enter the date cattle moved, and what group they are from.
Then enter what pen that group is being moved from, and what pen they’re moving to.
Enter How many cattle from that group you are moving to this new pen.
​In the last section you can make any notes relevant to these cattle and their move.
Then click “Save”

Keep in mind when you are moving cattle you feed by pens and not the group ID. This means if you have one group of cattle in several pens, you must take into consideration what ration each pen will receive. 

Step 3:
View where cattle have been moved by selecting “Sheets” 
Then In the upper left-hand corner select “Group ID” and “Moved Head” in the two drop down tabs. 

From this point, you can see the history of that group of cattle. If there are any errors, in the upper right-hand corner select “Edit” and make the appropriate adjustments.

From the “Overview” page you can buy, sell, move and remove deceased cattle around the farm. For example, if you want to remove dead cattle, click the overview page and select “+/- Head” then click “Death”. From here fill in the information into the corresponding cells.

You will follow the same steps for “Added” and “Sold” head.

Having a clear overview of your feedlot is important. Performance beef records those details with just a couple clicks.

To see an entire overview of each group, go to the “Sheets” page
Then in the two drop down tabs you will select the “Group ID”, Then click “In/Out Head”
​This will give you a detailed overview of that group’s history, such as added cattle, deaths and moves.

Performance Beef allows you to ease of tracking and viewing your cattle inventory. It’s important that information is entered correctly to keep your operation running smoothly. If you notice any errors reach out to our support line (515)-337-2187, as soon as possible and a specialist will help with any lingering adjustments.