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How To: Generate Reports

One great feature of the Performance Beef system is the ability to generate accurate invoices and closeout reports. You can run invoices per owner if you’re a custom feeder, per group, and run a whole farm invoice to see your total feed costs, yardage, added costs, total farm costs and more.
You can also set up to receive daily reports, for your feed inventory and delivery reports.
Below are step by step instructions for generating these reports, printing them off,  and saving them as PDF’s to your computer. Along with setting up your automated emails for daily delivery reports.
Owner Invoices:
Go to the Reports tab
In the first drop down in the upper left-hand corner select, “Invoice” and in the second drop-down, select the owner you wish to create an invoice for. 
Select the date range you wish to run the invoice for.
Then select “Run Invoice”
To print or save a PDF of this invoice, select “Print” in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring up up a preview. Here you can make any adjustments if needed, once the page is ready to print or be saved select “Print” in the upper or lower right-hand corner.

Here you can either print this report to your printer of choice or select “Open PDF in Preview”
File > Export as PDF > Enter Document Name > Save

Once any of these reports are saved to your computer, you can email them as attachments if needed.

​Whole Farm Invoice: 
​To run a whole farm invoice you will follow the same steps as listed above, but instead of selecting an owner you will select “Whole Farm” in the second drop down tab.
You will print or save in the same way as an owner invoice.

​Closeout Reports:
To run a closeout report on a group of cattle you will stay on the Reports page.

In the first drop down tab in the upper left-hand corner, select “Close out”, then select the group of cattle in the second drop down.
This will run the entire report for that group of cattle.
If you wish, you may select a second group of cattle in the third drop down. This will allow you to compare closeouts for two groups of cattle.

​Daily Report Emails:
To set up your daily feed delivery and feed inventory reports you will go to your settings page by selecting the 3 horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner.
Next, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see “Email settings”
Here you will simply enter an email address and select the green “Add” tab on the left hand side.
You may add as many people as you wish to receive this report.
Then you will select the time you wish the report to be emailed by clicking into the time slot. This report will automatically send at your designated time. 
To preview this report or send it instantly, select the letter icon on the right-hand side of the screen. Scroll to the bottom and select send.
This report will show you feed overview, any manual changes in the system as well as moved head​.
Performance Beef takes the work out of generating reports. It creates Invoices, and Closeout’s automatically based the information it has collected while you have been feeding your cattle. As well as sending you daily summaries of your deliveries and any manual changes.

If you have any questions about the reports generated by Performance Beef, give our specialists a call at 515-337-2187.