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How To: Feeding With The Scale App

Once you have your operation set up with your, feeds, rations and loads entered into Performance Beef, and have your scale setup. You are ready to begin feeding with The performance Beef Scale App.
Scale App Overview
Using your Cellular iPad, Open the Scale App. While you get the app opened, make sure your scale head is on and ready to go.

Once you are logged in, you will view the scale apps overview page. 

Once the app is open, you will have an overview of all of your loads, if you tap “webview” in the upper left-hand corner you can access your entire performance beef account. Then click the green “Scale App” tab in the upper left-hand corner to bring you back to the scale app’s overview page with all your loads.
Loading Overview
From here you will click
“Select” in the upper right-hand corner of the load you are ready to fill.

This page will show you what ration is being loaded, and what pen will be delivered to and how much is being delivered to each pen.

For this example, you can see I am feeding two pens the north lot and south yard from this load. 

In the upper right-hand corner, you will have a “Load” and “Delivery Tab”.  When you are ready to load your feeds, click the “Load” Tab in the upper right-hand corner.

You can see the ration and total targeted weight above the green box on the left-hand side. All the feeds in the ration will be displayed at the bottom of the page.
Before you load feed you want to make sure the correct scale is in sync with your iPad. by selecting the white box with the Wifi symbol, you can select your scale.
Loading Feed
Once your scale is connected you are ready to load your ration.

​You can load these feeds in any order that works best for you, just be sure the feed you are loading is highlighted green before you begin. 

You will see  the countdown on the left side of the screen will start off green, showing you what you have left to load.

Once you get within 10% the Load screen will change from green to yellow as a warning. As you reach your targeted weight of that feed, your screen will flash red. If you overload any feed the left-hand side will show a negative number.

On the bottom of the screen, the feed will show exactly what you loaded in the white space under what your targeted amount was. Once you have your feed ingredient loaded, on the bottom you will select the next feed to load, and load the rest of the feed this same way. *Note: They do not need to be in order*

The white box on the right hand side will show you your total weight loaded for all your feeds.

Once all your feeds are loaded (they may not be exact to what your target amount was) you will select “Confirm” in the upper left hand corner. This will save what you have loaded into your whole Performance Beef system and direct you back to your load overview.

Delivering Feed
Select “Delivery”  in the upper right-hand corner.
You will then drop feed to the pen or pens in each load by selecting the pen at the bottom of the page. As you drop feed, if you overloaded any feed it will show a negative number on the right side of your screen, since your feeding more than your targeted feed amount. Both panels countdown showing how much you have left to feed on the left side, and how much you have left in the feed truck on the right.
Once you have fed all your pens, you will click “Confirm” in the upper left-hand corner. This will take you back to the load overview page. From here you can go back to the overview page to see what loads have been loaded, and fed.

Using the scale app will help keep you from overloading feed, and eliminating any data entry. Once you feed, and click confirm, the system automatically stores that data for you, in real time.