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How To: Added Costs

Tracking your costs is critical for having accurate closeouts for any feedlot operation. Performance Beef tracks all that data for you, and produces real-time closeout reports. Below are step by step instructions for entering any added costs to a group, or pens of cattle in the Performance Beef system.
Step 1: “Add Cost”
​From the overview page, select “Add Cost” in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
 Step 2: Enter Data
Here you will enter the information in the corresponding sections.
In the first box you have the ability to choose per pen or per group. Then you will select either the pen or the group of cattle.
Once you will select either pen or group, you will enter which pen or group that cost will be delivered to. Then you will select the date of this added cost, and what that added cost is, whether it be Vet, processing, bedding, interest etc.
Step 4: Splitting Costs
Next you will enter how much that cost was and how it will be dispersed. Here you will have the choice for it to be equal cost or split/head.

By selecting “split/head”, you can break up that cost over an entire pen, and if there are multiple groups of cattle in that particular pen it will divide the entered cost evenly over all those groups of cattle. If you select equal cost, it will add the amount entered to each group of cattle.

Once that information is entered you may make any notes in relation to that added cost. Then 

click “Save” in the upper left-hand corner.
Once you select “Save”, these costs will be distributed to the group(s) selected. 

While there will always be user inputted data, Performance Beef minimizes so much of your bookkeeping. By tracking your costs through the system you get real-time, accurate closeout reports. 

For more information or additional questions, please contact our Performance Beef support specialists at 515-337-2187.