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How To: Add and Edit Loads


One of Performance Beef’s largest benefits is the ability track feed accurately. A scale head with our bluetooth, hooks up with the Performance Beef Scale app and tracks exactly how much of each feed you are adding when loading your feed wagon. This is displayed with the scale app, once the program is up and running for your operation.
After all your cattle are set up into their pens, you need to assign each pen a ration. If your operation is set up in the system this should be done already. 

Next is building loads for each pen. We will walk through each step for building and editing your loads. After you build these loads you are all set to start feeding with the Performance Beef system.

Step One:
Make sure all pens on “Overview” page have a ration and targeted feed amount. If not- give them one based on the group of cattle in the pens.
*Please Note* In this example I have 500 head from the same group of cattle, but split between two different pens. 

You can see I will feed them Ration 4 and 5500 pounds twice a day.
Step Two:
Go to the “Delivery” page
Select the notification on top of the screen to see where and what loads need placing.
In this example, you will see that I have 6 loads that need to be placed.
After viewing the “Notification” tab to see what loads you have to add you can make the determination to add a drop to an existing load, or create a whole new load.

**When you are placing your loads you can only add/combine loads (or drops) to pens receiving the same ration and the same drop.**

I am going to start by creating a new load for my North Lot and South Yard. I want them to both be “Drop 1”, for my morning feeding.

Select “New Load” in the upper right-hand corner
Enter “Pens” and “Drop” 
Then click “Save”
Combining Loads:
The system pulls the information from the overview page to enter how much I am feeding. Then after I click “save” you can see it sets the ration for those two drops.
​As I look at my loads to be placed, I have one Finisher ration for the first drop in the West Yard as you can see in the notification panel.
I have drop 2 already in a load for the West Yard, but I want to add this to my morning feedings, or my first drop.
Load 1 has a Finisher ration going to the East Yard and drop one so I am going to add the West Yard Finisher ration to load  1.

Start by clicking “Edit” on Load 1
Then enter I’ll enter West Yard in the “Add Pen” drop down tab
“Select Drop” (drop 1 for this example)
​Then Click
As you work through creating new loads or adding drops to existing loads, it’s relatively subjective based on your operation, how many times a day you are feeding, and what rations are going to what pens. 

Once all your loads are placed, you can reorder your loads to have your drops in order. Simply select “Reorder” in the upper left-hand corner, drag into your correct order then click save.

As you move or bring cattle onto your feedlot you will make edits to your Delivery screen. For a more detailed view of adding, editing, and rearranging loads in Performance Beef check out the video attached below or give one of our specialists a call at (515)-337-2187.