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Finding More Profitable Finish Weights 

I had a great conversation with a producer earlier this week. We were doing a webinar demo of our Cattle Krush application and finding ways the system would work for him. During the demo, we found a function that saved him thousands of dollars. He has been a group of 245 head black steers that are weighing around 1,200 pounds. He told me that he likes to finish his animals around 1400 pounds, so he still had a couple months left of feeding. I asked him, “Why do you like to finish at 1400 pounds?” He responded, saying that it’s cheap to put on the last 200 pounds on his animals. We found by using “My Lots” advisor, that it was more profitable to sell his animals in the next 2 weeks. By bringing those animals to 1,400 pounds, it was going to place the animals in a market that was far lower in price than the current market prices. This producer as able to lock in a $83 profit per animal rather than seeing a -$112 loss on each animal. That’s a $47,775 swing!

Since the time we released our app to the market, I hear more and more success stories. Cattle Krush is a product that is providing profitable insights to the livestock industry. If interested in learning more visit and schedule a webinar.