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Cost Analysis and Break Evens 12/3/16

PLA’s Break Even and Cost Analysis takes a look at feeder cattle purchases from all over the country from last week. We then run cost analysis on current feed costs and performance metrics to find which cattle were of highest value. When you are looking to buy cattle or want a better understanding on where the markets are going, use this cost analysis to quickly compare steers and heifers from 450lbs to 1050lbs. 

Our performance conversions are based on industry averages. Our rations and feedstuff costs are based on costs found in Northern Iowa. If you would like to down load this Excel file and put in your own rations or performance metrics, fill out the form below to get access to the file. 

Let us know if we missed anything. If you are interested in some of our other products, Cattle Krush and Performance Beef, please reach out to Dustin Balsley, Co-Founder, 515-508-1838,



    Download the full Excel file for free!