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Conference Recap – Performance Beef Settings Review

Thank you to all who were able to make it out to the 2018 Performance Beef Winter Conference. The Performance Beef team appreciates the constant support and hope that everyone found the conference to be beneficial. 

Following a great presentation by Glynn Tonsor, COO and Co-Founder, Dustin Balsley, gave a detailed review of the settings page and how they can alter the view of the system.  

To get to your account settings select the three horizontal bars in the upper right-hand corner. First thing to note is that if you click on the setting sections, it will collapse it, so if there is a particular section you are not seeing in the settings, click on the section name to see if its collapsed.

Account Sharing:

“Share My Account”: The Share My Account function is allows the people you share your account with to view all aspects of your account, with the possible exception of financials and the ability to make edits. This function is great for sharing with hired hands and nutritionists.

“Owners”: The owners function allows for those who are custom feeding to share access to their account so that specific owner can login and see only their groups of cattle. You can manage whether they see any financials or have the ability to make edits.

Account Settings/Password/Payments:
In these sections you can update any of your personal information, credit card information, and change your password. 

System Settings:
“Number of Feed Deliveries/Day”
Here you can change how many times a day you will drop feed. Depending on the number you select you will see two different views on the overview page. If you have your account set on “2 (Default View)”, you will only see the pen names, bunk score, ration and target feed amounts. Whereas if you have just “Two” selected, you will see what groups are in each pen, and how many from that group are in the pen along with the bunk score, ration and feed calls. 

Performance Beef Overview - (Default Two)

View: “2 (Default View)

Performance Beef Overview View 2

View: “Two”
“Delivery Behavior”:
Here you have two options. “Delivery Page + Overview Target Backup” and “Delivery Page Only”. If you account is on Delivery Page + Overview Target Backup the system will record what happens on the Scale App while you are feeding, but it will also pull the targets (listed on the overview page) even if you do not use the Scale App to feed.

“Rounding Options”:
Here you can adjust how the weights are displayed and rounded throughout the system. “Currency”,
“Feed Weights/Large Weights”, “Gain Weights/Small Weights”, “Delivery/Scale App Weights”.

“Label Settings”:
The label settings are for changing to different metrics such as changing currency to the Canadian dollar, or from pounds to kilograms.

“Overview Settings”:
These settings will also change the amount of information on the overview page. Your “Simple (Default)” views of health and financials will only give you information on a per group basis, while your “Detailed” view will give you both on a per pen and per group basis.

Performance Beef Management - Health

View: Simple (Default) “Health Per Group”

Performance Beef Management - Health

View: (Detailed) “Health Per Group”
Report Layout:
The report layout includes both detailed invoices and closeouts. The reports labels “A” are going to be your standard layouts while reports labeled “B” are the detailed version of these reports.

Performance Beef Real Time Invoice (A)

Invoice (A)

Performance Beef Real Time Invoice (B)

Invoice (B)
Email Setting:
There is two functions under the email settings. First being the delivery report. This report sends out at the end of everyday (default at 7pm). To set this up to be sent out, simply enter the email address to the person(s) you wish to receive this email, Then select “add”.

This works the same way for the Feed Inventory notifications.

Manual New Day:
The Manual New day button is one that should only be used sparingly.  This function will put all of the load data from that day into the sheets tab, and reset all loads to 0, and cause all changes made to be considered changes for the next day. This function is great for changing rations at the end of the day, without losing any feed data, as well as other reasons. It’s always best to double-check with a Performance Beef Specialist if you are unsure about selecting the manual new day button.
The settings has a lot of information, and allows for a lot of customization within the Performance Beef software itself. If you have any questions about what the changes the settings will make reach out the Performance Beef Support team at (515)-337-2187.