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Grow Your Cattle Nutrition Business

Save time and grow your business with Performance Beef

It's Your Competitive Edge

Maximize your efficiency and grow your customer base with the industry’s leading cloud-based platform today. With Performance Beef, you have real-time access to accurate performance data for every customer. Access the data from anywhere to help your customers make better management decisions.
Performance Beef iPad Analytics Chart Data

It's a user-friendly platform accessible from your desktop, iPad or iPhone. All your customers need is an iPad or iPhone and Bluetooth scale device compatible with a majority of scale systems.


Eliminate hard copy batch sheets, simplify ration recommendations for your customers. Build and update rations and monitor performance at any time from anywhere.


Eliminate the guesswork. Monitor real-time data and analytics for an accurate view of feed efficiencies and performance. Use the insights to help customers make better decisions.


Manual processes cost you time. With the industry’s leading cloud-based platform, access accurate, real-time data for every customer from anywhere to boost your efficiency.

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See how Performance Beef can help you and your customers.

The industry’s only cloud-based technology platform will better connect you to your customers, helping you and your customers save time and boost profitability.


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Every Feature You and Your Customers Need

With real-time data and analytics at your fingertips, help your customers make better management decisions. 

simplify ration recommendations

It’s easy to build and update rations for every customer. Use the platform to easily monitor results and how well recommendations are followed.

Monitor Performance

Get a quick view of daily feed and performance information to help your customers make the best data-driven decisions for their feedlot.

Uncover Insights

Monitor real-time data and analytics with easy-to-create charts and graphs, closeout reports, and progress reports.

see accurate reports

You have immediate access to accurate data from anywhere. Create and view real-time reports to help customers make better management decisions.

Performance Beef Customer Reviews

See how Performance Beef is helping cattle producers save time and boost profitability on their operation with real-time data.