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Cattle Krush: Real-Time Cattle Market Insights

Premier advisory tool for real-time cattle marketing decisions

Make Better, More Profitable Decisions with Cattle Krush

Remove the guesswork and better manage risk with useful insights and financial projections with Cattle Krush. The easy-to-use cattle app provides instant breakevens, market analytics and profit alerts.
iPad with Cattle Krush app

The easy-to-use tool includes real-time access to feeder cattle, live cattle and corn prices from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).


The Auction function takes the bias out of your purchasing decisions and helps you buy cattle that give you the best opportunity to make money.


Track profits on each lot on feed. You receive text and email alerts when profit goals are reached to help position your operation for higher profits.

See how Cattle Krush helps ensure you never miss a profit opportunity.


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Every Feature You Need

We’ve designed an easy-to-use tool to help you make the best cattle marketing decision. It syncs with Performance Beef, pulls in real-time markets and more. 

Sync with Performance Beef

Integrate your lots to Cattle Krush with a click of a button. Syncing with your Performance Beef account allows you to easily bring over all groups on feed to help you better manage your marketing positions.

Remove the Bias

Quickly track the breakeven of each lot coming through the auction ring. Simply enter the weight, project your rate of gain and set a finishing weight goal to track the auctioneer calls and uncover the financial opportunities.

Track Profits on Each Lot

Sync with Performance Beef to maximize profits on each lot with ease. You can easily import each lot and track the Krush to watch for profit opportunities. Capture meaningful data and position your operation for higher profits.

Follow Real-Time Markets

Make better on-the-go decisions based on real-time markets from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). You can easily access real-time feeder cattle, live cattle and corn prices from the CBOT. It does the work for you.

Cattle Krush Customer Reviews

See how Cattle Krush is helping cattle producers make better purchasing and marketing decisions based on real-time data.

Innovative Solutions, Cost-Effective Pricing

Our innovative solutions help boost your profitability. Pair Performance Beef with the Cattle Krush solution best suited for your feedlot.



Per Month

  • Auction
  • Markets

Cattle Krush Pro


Per Month

  • Auction
  • Markets
  • 10 Lots - My Lots
  • Text and Email Alerts

Cattle Krush Enterprise


Per Month

  • Auction
  • Markets
  • Unlimited - My Lots
  • Text and Email Alerts

Let us help you save time and boost profitability today.

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