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Cattle Finishing Breakevens

Cattle Finishing Breakevens
Erik R. Loe, PhD
Consulting Nutritionist – Midwest PMS

​I calculate finishing cattle breakevens for low and high performing steers and heifers for multiple incoming body weights. This allows cattle feeders to get an idea of the difference in purchase price that can be paid for cattle of differing genetic potential or differing production systems. The assumptions that are made in these breakeven calculations may differ from how your specific feedlot operates or your preference in feeding cattle. The goal of these breakevens is to give a reference to feeder cattle buyers based on the set performance, days on feed, out body weight, and cost of gain. It is always more accurate to use your own operations feed costs, yardage, and past performance when projecting cattle.

The feeder price is referenced from the AMS South Dakota Weekly Summary.