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Building Your Performance Beef Account

If you are ready to get started with the Performance Beef software, you can go online to to get your account registered. Select New User and follow the prompts to enter information in each corresponding line for setting up your account.
To ensure a timely and thorough set up, it’s important to have the following information ready for your setup/training consultation.  We’ve provided step by step instructions to enter your information.

Step One: Adding Feed Ingredients 

This includes all the different feeds you use (ex. dry corn, earlage, silage, hay, etc.).

In the Sidebar Click Feed”, Then click  Add Feed” in the top right corner. 
Enter Feed Name, Cost Per Ton, and Percent Dry Matter
        Optional: Weight Remaining- enter how much of feedstuff you have left
                         Inventory Alert– receive a notification you when you have specified pounds of feed left.
Step Two: Entering Rations
Enter all rations you are currently using.
​In the S
idebar Click “Rations” Then click “Add Ration” 
Enter the Ration Name (Ration 1, 2 3.. Finisher etc.)
    Then enter each feedstuff in Percent As-Fed.
Step 3: Pens
Pens are the names of the physical location around the farm NOT groups of cattle in them. Any location on your farm that you feed will need to be entered as a pen. For example, if you feed any cattle on pasture, you can simply enter that pen as “Pasture”.
Note* Enter all pens on your farm now, even if there are no cattle in them.
In the
 sidebar click “Pens” Then click “Add Pens”

​Give each pen a Pen ID and a Pen Type

​Step 4: Entering Cattle (Group IDs)
This will be each group of cattle on your farm. For each group you will need the following information:
  • Group ID (ex: Red Tag Black Heifers 2017)
  • Incoming Date
  • Rate of Gain (expected) – lbs/hd/day
  • Yardage – $/hd/day
  • Management Fee (If any) – $/hd/day
  • Interest – %
  • Cattle Condition (Green, Medium, or Heavy Flesh)
  • Breed(s)
  • Gender(s)
  • Pen(s) – The pen or pens that group is currently in
  • Owner(s) – The owner or owners of that group in a percentage
  • Headcount – Total that came in
  • Total Purchase Cost
  • ​​Total Purchase Weight
  • Trucking Cost (If any)
  • Source (ex: Ranch Name, Cattle Buyer Name, Sale Barn, City, etc.)
  • Origin State

In the sidebar click Overview”  Then click “+/- Head” Then click “Added”

Select Added to add the current cattle on your operation. You will also use this selection when purchasing or when you bring new cattle to your feedlot.
Enter the information in the corresponding sections
nter all the grey sections before “Pen Select” and “Group Ownership”*
Then click “Save”
Step 5: Ration & Targeted Feed Amounts:
In the sidebar click  “Overview”

Here you should have the current Pens you are feeding displayed. 

Under Ration you will enter the day’s ration for the first feeding in that pen.
Under Delivery 1 the you will enter the Feed amount in pounds.
*Note* A feed sheet from the previous day will work when entering this information.

Step 6: Delivery Load Order:
This will be the order of pens feds, you will load feed in this order. You can also deliver to multiple pens in a single load.

In the Sidebar Click “Delivery” Then click “Add Load”  
Select what pen you are delivering feed to > Then select what drop it is that day (1st or 2nd)

Entering all the information in the descending order will allow for easy and organized data input.  This is a one time entry but you can always go back and add or edit any of your information. This information is critical for ensuring proper feed delivery, and tracking of cattle. Once you have this data entered, you are now ready to begin feeding!

​Please call the Performance Beef Support team with any questions you have about entering information. (515)-337-2187.