Cattle Krush Update

Cattle Krush has a great new feature just released this month. If you are looking to track the profitability on your current lots on feed then “My Lots” will be exactly what you need. “My Lots” projects when you current cattle on feed will hit their target finish weight and… Read More »Cattle Krush Update

Cattle Finishing Breakevens

Cattle Finishing BreakevensErik R. Loe, PhDConsulting Nutritionist – Midwest​I calculate finishing cattle breakevens for low and high performing steers and heifers for multiple incoming body weights. This allows cattle feeders to get an idea of the difference in purchase price that can be paid for cattle of differing genetic… Read More »Cattle Finishing Breakevens

Kuper Farm Visit

This morning, I had an opportunity to join Dane Kuper, of St. Ansgar, Iowa, as he fed his morning rations. Dane is Performance Beef’s first customer. He has been using Performance Beef since December 2015. Dane travels for his day job and has found tremendous benefit from using Performance Beef… Read More »Kuper Farm Visit

Measuring Feedlot Performance

As a cattle feeder or feedlot operation, how do you measure your operations performance?In considering your cattle’s performance many producers may naturally say they track average daily gain of the individual animal, feed/gain conversion, death loss, and the actual cost of gain.  These factors consider the performance of the cattle… Read More »Measuring Feedlot Performance

Performance Livestock Analytics Provides Real-Time Profit Insights To The Cattle Feeding Industry

Performance Livestock Analytics (PLA) announces Cattle Krush, a profit management solution for the cattle industry. Cattle Krush is a revolutionary product that brings real-time market insights to cattlemen, commodity advisors, and other cattle industry stakeholders.  This software is accessible on any mobile, laptop, or desktop device. PLA introduces a pioneering… Read More »Performance Livestock Analytics Provides Real-Time Profit Insights To The Cattle Feeding Industry