How To: Share Your Account

Connecting with your trusted advisors is critical when running a feedlot operation. Performance Beef enables you to keep in closer contact with those advisors, like your nutritionist. If you choose to share your account with a nutritionist, for example, they can go in and make updates to your rations, feed… Read More »How To: Share Your Account

How To: Generate Reports

One great feature of the Performance Beef system is the ability to generate accurate invoices and closeout reports. You can run invoices per owner if you’re a custom feeder, per group, and run a whole farm invoice to see your total feed costs, yardage, added costs, total farm costs and more.You can also… Read More »How To: Generate Reports

How To: Added Costs

Tracking your costs is critical for having accurate closeouts for any feedlot operation. Performance Beef tracks all that data for you, and produces real-time closeout reports. Below are step by step instructions for entering any added costs to a group, or pens of cattle in the Performance Beef system. Step… Read More »How To: Added Costs

Cargill enters agreement with Performance Livestock Analytics to create proprietary advanced feedlot analytics

Cargill and Performance Livestock Analytics, Inc. (PLA) are partnering to bring new data analytics to cattle production. PLA’s Performance Beef™  is now enhanced with the Cargill MAX® system for beef, creating an advanced and more robust feedlot system, Performance Beef™ MAX®. This new version is exclusive to Cargill and its customers.… Read More »Cargill enters agreement with Performance Livestock Analytics to create proprietary advanced feedlot analytics

How To: Feeding With The Scale App

Once you have your operation set up with your, feeds, rations and loads entered into Performance Beef, and have your scale setup. You are ready to begin feeding with The performance Beef Scale App. Scale App OverviewUsing your Cellular iPad, Open the Scale App. While you get the app opened, make… Read More »How To: Feeding With The Scale App

How To: Add and Edit Loads

One of Performance Beef’s largest benefits is the ability track feed accurately. A scale head with our bluetooth, hooks up with the Performance Beef Scale app and tracks exactly how much of each feed you are adding when loading your feed wagon. This is displayed with the scale app, once… Read More »How To: Add and Edit Loads

Testimonial: Fox Creek Cattle

If you mix feed to feed to cattle, Performance Beef will make your operation better, if you have employees that feed for you some, or all, of the time Performance Beef is essential.  Performance Beef is an irreplaceable component of our operation. Recently, my wife took over management of a… Read More »Testimonial: Fox Creek Cattle