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All -New Look for Cattle Krush

Performance Livestock Analytics introduces a dramatic new look to Cattle Krush. Providing the same powerful data and confidence to cattle producers, Cattle Krush is the premier advisory tool for real-time cattle marketing decisions. 

The application focuses on bringing back confidence when buying cattle. Whether you are sitting in an auction house or behind the computer, Cattle Krush uses real data and market prices from the Chicago Board of Trade, guiding producers towards more profitable decisions. Cattle Krush provides simple powerful tools including: Auction Advisor, Feeder Advisor, My Lots and Markets.

Auction and Feeder Advisors
The “Auction” and “Feeder” advisors empower producers with the ability to see profit margins change in real time based off real market prices as bids go up in the ring. While using the advisory tools, producers can start the bidding process off by entering the starting bid price of the cattle. Using the data inputs below and Live/Feeder market prices from the Chicago Board of Trade, the advisory tools will calculate a breakeven and profit. 

Auction and Feeder Advisor data inputs:

  • Cost of Gain
  • Rate of Gain
  • Target Finish Weight
  • Live Basis
My Lots
After the bidding process is over, Cattle Krush continues to add value by giving producers a way to track cattle on feed within “My Lots”. By entering the actual feeder price used to buy a group of cattle, producers can set their profit goals and stick to them. Once a group within “My Lots” reaches its profit goal, the producer will receive a text message and an email. ​
New Performance Beef Synchronization
Feedlots utilizing the Performance Beef feedlot platform will be able to integrate their cattle on feed to Cattle Krush with the click of a button. When in the “My Lots” tab, you will see two options: “Add New Lot” or “Sync Performance Beef Account”. By syncing your Performance Beef account, it will bring over all of the “Open Groups”.

The Cattle Krush overhaul provides users a better experience, easier functionality and increased data transfer to make smarter financial decisions. Current Cattle Krush subscribers need to update the application via the iTunes App Store on an iPad and/or iPhone. Select “Get” or update the application by clicking the cloud icon.  

For more information on how you can start making more profitable decisions at the auction house and in your own operation management, watch the video below. If you have any questions regarding Cattle Krush, please reach out to the Performance Livestock Analytics team at 515-337-2187 or email us at