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5 Ways to Use Data to Mitigate Risk


Cattle feeders need to know their numbers – feed inventory, cattle performance, cost of gain and financial breakevens – now more than ever. Data provides the foundation for proactive decision making.  

Here are five ways data can help your business:

  • Make better management decisions: Use Cattle Krush to simulate multiple outcomes for cattle on hand. Manage market volatility by visiting with your nutritionist to evaluate alternative management options to change marketing dates or reduce costs. Watch the 5-minute video below for a brief demo of how to use Cattle Krush to simulate outcomes. 
  • Access real-time growth predictions: Predict how cattle are performing in real time instead of waiting until the cattle closeout. Performance Beef users working with nutritionists have access to the growth model and are able to make dynamic marketing decisions based on performance and real-time breakevens.  
  • Improve inventory management: Track feed inventory to manage costs and optimize purchase decisions. With tighter margins and variable ingredient availability, a careful feed inventory planning system allows for faster and more informed decision making ability.
  • Evaluate the nutrition program: Limit and program feeding are proven ways to improve feed efficiency while targeting different endpoints. Ask your nutritionist if this strategy would work in your business to move cattle into different marketing windows. Performance Beef can simplify the process for feed call and delivery challenges. 
  • Improve communication: Digitally connect with your nutritionist. They can quickly make ingredient or ration changes while monitoring performance to help you make the best management decisions. You can also use Performance Beef to provide other trusted advisors a snapshot of your financials and performance information.

Now is the time to focus on addressing what you can control, using information to make the best management decisions for your business. The real-time, accurate data provided by Performance Beef helps remove the guesswork as you navigate these volatile times.

Request a demo to learn more. We’ll provide a more in-depth demo of the features based on the needs of your business and answer any questions. It is free and only takes a few minutes.