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5 Ways to Use Data to Improve Your Cattle Operation


New year, new goals for your business. How will you improve efficiency and profitability on your cattle operation this year? Performance Beef automates everything from feeding to financials, providing real-time data for your operation, connecting you to trusted advisors and serving as your intelligence center to make better management decisions.

Here is how Performance Beef can help you improve your cattle operation in 2020.

Simplify Your Daily Workflow

How much time do you spend on double entry of information? How often are you relying on handwritten notes? Eliminate extra paperwork and save time with Performance Beef. It ensures you capture every dollar, every pound without the stress of copying records. You’ll use it daily to improve accuracy on your operation.   

“Performance Beef accounts for everything. It alleviates shrink by automatically accounting for losses due to over or under filling.” – Doug Schmitt, Kansas

Improve Feeding Consistency

The analytics within Performance Beef allow you to monitor daily dry matter intake and feed delivery times. Performance Beef allows you to monitor the net energy of maintenance per head and feed delivery times to ensure your diet is mixed consistently and delivered on time, day after day. This consistency not only helps maintain feed intake but also minimizes opportunities for acidosis. 

“With Performance Beef, we track intakes, watch the data, and correct a problem before it is a real big problem.” – Jeremy Row, Nebraska

Better Manage Inventory and Costs

Feed and animal health are the most significant costs you can control on your operation. Use Performance Beef to accurately capture and monitor expenses. It is your digital assistant for real-time financial and performance information helping you make better marketing and management decisions. If you’re a custom feeder, you’re able to create accurate invoices within minutes with a couple clicks.

“We’re able to track the expenses on the cattle we own down to the penny.” – Mike Manion, Nebraska

Connect with Trusted Advisors

Do you rely on laminated batch sheets from your nutritionist? Ditch the batch sheets and use Performance Beef to digitally connect with your nutritionist. They can make real-time ingredient or ration changes while monitoring performance to help you make the best management decisions. You can also use Performance Beef to provide other trusted advisors a snapshot of your financials and performance information.

“Everyone involved in our operation can access the information. We can all track the information without having to stop and take someone else aside.” – Jill Weber Vanderwal, Minnesota

Save Time

Do you wish you had more time in the day? Performance Beef can save you hours. It’s never been easier to create accurate invoices, generate real-time closeout reports, or analyze cost and performance trends – all in one place. With Performance Beef you have real-time access to accurate and complete  data from anywhere. Reinvest your saved time into other priorities.

“It is a huge timesaver both at the end of the month for billing and during the feeding process to be able to load quickly and accurately!”  – Bryan Moes 

If you’re ready to get started, request a demo. You can share more about your operation, and we’ll walk you through the features via computer screen share and answer any questions. It is free and only takes a few minutes. Sign up for a demo today.